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12 Football Party Food Ideas


The first Sunday in February is almost here! We all know what that means…the Big Game and the sweet (loud) party that comes with it. It’s the Seahawks vs. the Patriots and it’s going to be a good one folks. So get your buddies pumped, get the big screen ready for hours of awesomeness, and pull out your Blendtec to make some amazing football party food.

We’ve come up with 12 recipes that we think will be perfect for the big day, and a huge hit with your party guests. Give them all a try, or pick out a few that are sure to make the party a success; whether your team wins or not.

12 Football Party Food Ideasfootball party food

This Spicy Shrimp Dip is a great twist on an original cocktail sauce. It’s made with shrimp and is great for dipping shrimp or a delicious bakery bread, such as crostini.


football party food


Enjoy a refreshing Piña Colada with your many appetizers and other party dishes, or try something a little different with these Mango Margarita Ice Pops. Don’t worry, there’s also a kid-friendly version of these fruit ice pops.


This Roasted Tomatillo & Cilantro Salsa is a great dip to try with your favorite chips, or you can create some fish tacos and top them off with this spicy salsa. If you enjoy a delicious a dip, but not the spice, here’s an easy-to-make Guacamole that you can enjoy!

football party foodEnjoy a nice BBQ with this Savory Beef Marinade. It goes great with any cut of meat, and is sure to make it juicy and oh so delicious!

You can always make the traditional Cheese Ball and Creamy Spinach Dip. Everyone enjoys them, and they are easy to serve with crackers and veggies. Or mix things up with this Black Bean Hummus or our new Roasted Green Chili & Lime Hummus.


football party foodIf you’re an ice cream fan, you can whip up some tasty Thick Milkshakes with your favorite candy bars mixed in. If you don’t eat dairy, try this chocolaty Fudgesicle Frosty; you’re guests will never even know there’s avocado in it.

Whatever you choose, you’re party is sure to be a hit with the of your Blendtec blender.


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