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10 Ingredients You Should Be Adding to Your Smoothies


Drinking smoothies is a great way to stay, or get, healthy. Green smoothies are very popular and often include spinach or kale. Some other common smoothie ingredients are: strawberries, grapes, oranges, and pineapple. Sometimes it’s hard to stray from what you love but there are so many other delicious ingredients that we forget about! Here’s a list of 10 ingredients to add to your smoothie recipes that you may not think of.

10 Ingredients For Your Smoothies

What are your favorite smoothie add-ins?

10 thoughts on “10 Ingredients You Should Be Adding to Your Smoothies

  1. Kathie Meller

    Thanks for these. I don’t have a Blendtec but I do so love seeing the wonderful things you can do with it or add to your meals with it.

  2. Jenn

    This may be a dumb question (forgive me if it is) but can you put cherries in without first pitting them? I don’t want to ruin my new Blendtec! :)

    1. Nathan Hirst

      Great question. We don’t recommend putting cherry pits in our blenders. They would blend just fine (might cloud your jar a little), but they may contain cyanogenic acids (aka cyanide). Because of this we don’t recommend blending them.

  3. Lisa Hansen

    Ok, you all are probably going to think this VERY strange, but I added my cooked broccoli stems (I eat everything) that I steamed the night before. Of course I had to add lots of fruit to disguise the ugly green color, but it was yummy. :)

  4. Liz @ EatingPlaces

    I love adding chia seeds to my smoothies. It’s a great thickener and blending is a good way to hide it if I’m not in the mood for those fun bubbles of chia in a pudding/water-based drink.


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